Assistance League of the Eastside is a force for good in our community.

Domestic violence is a human rights issue.  We believe that everyone deserves to live in an environment where they feel safe from harm, free from oppression, and empowered to reach their full potential. We provide baskets filled with more than 80 household items to local shelters so families fleeing domestic abuse can rebuild their lives in safety. We also host holiday celebrations and social events that lend a sense of community and support. It is our desire to help women find the inner strength and courage to create new beginnings for themselves and their families.


In Their Own Words

The new towels were a real gift. Brushes, toothpaste, planners – all the stuff you don’t think about bringing when you are running for your safety. When you walk into a shelter, you think nobody cares, so it’s great to see a little note saying, “we care, we’re here for you.”
— A Thankful Recipient
The home goodies in the welcome baskets make it feel like home! Some folks come into shelter with hardly anything and with no money, so having these baskets is essential in providing survivors and their families with basic needs. Everyone deserves a home and the Assistance League makes that happen.
— Stephanie Martinez, Rapid Rehousing Advocate, LifeWire

community partners Make a Difference



Assistance League of the Eastside is proud to partner with several agencies that work to end domestic violence in our community. To help rebuild lives, we provide Starting Over Support to shelters from the following organizations:


Grants are an important source of funding for our programs. We appreciate the grants from the following organizations that have been specifically targeted to support survivors of domestic violence.

Catherine Holmes Wilkins Foundation, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee

Horizons Foundation