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Thousands of women, men, and children are assaulted in the State of Washington each year. When survivors are treated at hospitals, their clothing is often taken by law enforcement for use as evidence. Assistance League of the Eastside works with hospitals throughout the state to provide essential care items and new clothing that can be worn home after treatment. We strive to restore dignity at a time when these individuals are most in need of comfort and security.



Learn how receiving an Assault Survivor Kit restores dignity and hope to survivors of assault.



I’ve never been so happy to have a pair of sweats in my life. Just something small, like some clothes to wear, when you’ve been exposed for a long time, lets you cover up and feel a bit of warmth. To the people who are providing these kits – thank you – it helps a lot.
Thank you.
— A Grateful Survivor
Tonight at our staff meeting, we discussed the great work your group is doing to assist assault victims right at the time they feel most vulnerable. We greatly appreciate you delivering the multiple sets of clothing in varying sizes to fit the needs of these people. We want to say a big THANK YOU for providing this service to people who need it so badly.
— Richard Dickson, Emergency Services Manager St. Elizabeth Hospital, Enumclaw, WA

community partners make a difference



It takes a village to make the Assault Survivor Kits program a success. Assistance League of the Eastside works with 40 hospitals across the State of Washington to deliver Assault Survivor Kits to individuals at their time of treatment. We are so grateful to the nurses and hospital personnel who work to get these kits into the right hands at the right time.



Grants are an important source of funding for our programs. We appreciate the grants from the following organizations that have been specifically targeted to support the Assault Survivor Kit program.

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Local newspapers find Assault Survivor Kits newsworthy. 

April 19, 2018

Since 1997, the Assistance League of the Eastside has helped nearly 22,000 people through their Assault Survivor Kit program. During discharge, patients are given an Assault Survivor Kit, which includes a change of clothing (sweat shirt, sweat pants, socks, underwear), hygiene products and a note of encouragement – all signed by those who put together the package.

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April 11, 2016

Assault Survivor Kits is one of four philanthropic programs that will benefit from Assistance League of the Eastside's Step Into Style. 

In 2014-15, Assistance League of the Eastside distributed Assault Survivor Kits to 1,737 individuals at hospitals throughout Washington.

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