Assistance League of the Eastside is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization that puts caring and commitment into action. 

Our community-based, philanthropic programs make a positive difference in the lives of children and adults touched by hardship or violence.


2015-16 Highlights

Impact on the community


For a more detailed explanation of our 2015-2016 year, please refer to our Annual Report.

Having extensively researched and written about homelessness in our region, I’ve long known this societal problem is buried beneath our wealthy sheen. That’s why I’m glad Assistance League of the Eastside is working to help the homeless, victims of assault and domestic violence, and kids in need, not only behind the scenes but also in public with its Operation School Bell program. I am a volunteer and plan to be one every year.
— Jeff Burlingame, Editor-in-Chief, 425 Business Magazine